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The Canary Wharf Group won the bid to house the valuable figure, which will need a high level of security to stop thieves. It was one of three organisations who pitched for the chance to provide a home and was selected by Henry Moore experts. View photos Bronze: The 1.6 tonnes sculpture was expected to fetch 20 million at auction. (PA Archive/PA Images) More For the last 20 years the figure has been on loan to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It had previously been housed in Stifford Estate in Stepney after being acquired by London County Council in 1962. But Old Flo was nearly lost to the east London borough in an auction by Christies when disgraced former mayor Lutfur Rahman decided to sell the 2.5 metre-high figure in 2012. But after the borough's current mayor, John Biggs, was elected in sculptor video June 2015, the decision was to save the bronze woman and bring her home. Mayor John Biggs said he was delighted the sculpture was coming back to the capital. Old Flo is an important part of the boroughs cultural heritage, thats why we took the decision to cancel the previous Mayors sell off and are returning her to her rightful place in the borough," he said. View photos John Biggs, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets. (Hannah McKay/PA) More Whilst I would have loved to see Old Flo returned to her old home in Stepney her considerable value means weve had to find her a safe and secure home for her for the next five years.

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